Sabtu, 14 Maret 2015

Text Narrative karya ku sendiri :)

Man Without a Name
3 months ago, precisely in December, I and my family vacation to pacitan eastern Java. I was with my parents went to pacitan during school holidays. we traveled by bus. Our trip there was about 14 hours.
we went from 4 pm and arrived there around 7am.
The trip a lot of various kinds of traders and a lot of singers.
when we arrived at the terminal pacitan we had to take the car to get to my aunt's house. we'll take a trip up the mountain, and from there we could see the beautiful beaches Teleng Ria.
One day, when the morning greeted me in pacitan. I went to a beach called Teleng Ria. Teleng Ria within 3,5 miles of my aunt’s house.
Not until 15 minutes, O arrived at the beach. I sat down to enjoy a beatiful sunrise. At the left end, I saw a man that I do not Know. He looked at sunrise alone. I don’t care! I go back to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in front of me.
                “Hii...” said the man was on my left. I turned and just smiled. “you alone? Be careful, don’t try to swim in the big waves”  he smiled and turned away. Before I could answer, the man walked off.
                Brief encounter that make me always miss Teleng Ria coast. Because Tleng Ria is a silent witness my sweet meeting.
                The man is still a “Man Without a Name” that I first encountered.

                Two weeks in Pacitan pased quickly. At the end of 14-days, me and my family so happy.

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